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Buenos Aires Grill

Comparison is odious, but it’s hard not to fall into the trap upon locally bumping into dishes and restaurant styles I’ve seen in their natural habitat on recent travels.

The latest opportunity for this was on a recent lunchtime visit to Musselburgh’s Buenos Aires Grill.

I was joined on this escapade by Mel & Milo who have quested many times down the years and now live just nearby in the ancient burgh.

We found the place having quite a quiet lunchtime service but given it’s primarily a steak place perhaps people view it more as a venue for dinner.

We were shown to our table by the friendly waiter who looked after us with quiet assurance throughout.

We opted for a couple of shared starters with the aubergine slices, and tomato and mozzarella empanadas. The aubergine was good without setting any heather alight but the empanadas were a notch better with good crisp pastry encasing a softly melting filling.

For main, Mel opted for a hearty super-green veggie burger and chunky chips while Milo chose herb-crusted seabass. Both were warmly received.

I opted for a meaty mixed grill with an 8oz sirloin steak, haggis bonbonbonbons, house beef sausage, king prawn skewers and portobello mushroom.

The steak was beautifully seasoned and cooked accurately to medium rare. It was right up there with the better steaks I’ve had in town. The rest wasn’t quite to that standard with the texture of the beef sausage rather too firm, but it was still a satisfying plate.

Milo rounded things out with a good sticky toffee pudding which was a suitably sweet note on which to end.

Overall, we were impressed with Buenos Aires Grill. It served us some well executed dishes in quite a range of styles. The sirloin I had was plenty impressive enough for me to recommend the place to steak fans interested in beef prepared in the Argentinian style. Add it to your list for a visit.

Today’s questers were: Mel, Milo, Blythe

We ate: aubergine slices, tomato and mozzarella empanadas, mixed grill, veggie burger, seabass, chips, sticky toffee pudding

We drank: sparkly water, water, teas, coffees

We wore: early Spring collection ’19

Total bill: £70.90

Written by BKR