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I had a very early start the next day so took the extremely wise precaution of having an elaborate meal with lots of booze for my final hurrah in Zagreb. I headed to their poshest hotel, The Esplanade, and their poshest restaurant, Zinfandel’s.

After a decent Manhattan at their cocktail bar, I headed to my table in their stylish dining room. There I sipped a glass of local bubbles while I perused the menu which included an extensive a la carte, flambé menu (!), and various tasting menu options. I went for their most expensive and lengthy because it was that kind of night.

This started a susbtantial amuse bouche of fennel textures which was fresh and pleasant.

We then had another fairly hearty portion for the opening course. It featured Atlantic bonito with grapefruit. This was highly accomplished, classic cooking from Chef Ana Grgic and her team.

We moved on to good scallops served with pumpkin seed soup and crumble. This was good, seasonal stuff.

Next there was pheasant rillettes with porcini and hazelnut. This was another very good dish.

Butter baked turbot with chanterelles and buckwheat maintained the high standard.

The main protein was a piece of A5 wagyu with a shallot consommé and shiitake mushrooms. I’d sampled A5 – a designation denoting high levels of marbling – at Spago. As with there this was a well prepared piece of high quality beef.

The dessert brought together poppyseed grissini with flambéed kumquat and milk chocolate cream. It was elegant work.

Throughout, this food was accompanied by some very good regional wines with the sommelier both knowledgable and friendly. I rounded things out with coffee and Fernet Branca because I really hadn’t had enough to drink.

Overall, Zinfandel’s was high on luxury and class. I enjoyed everything I ate, with well-sourced, seasonal ingredients showcased to very good advantage. It’s one of the pricier meals I’ve eaten on this leg of the trip – working out at around £185 – but it felt good value for the quality of craftsmanship displayed.

Blythe scores Zinfandel’s
4/5 for food
4/5 for presentation
4.5/5 for service
4/5 for setting
giving an overall 16.5/20

I ate: tasting menu

I drank: local bubbles, Dalmatia white, Slovonia white, red Istria, Slovonia white, dessert wine, coffee, fernet

I wore: black trousers

Total bill: 1565
Written by BKR