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The Hound

I seem to have very successfully dodged the excesses of the Xmas crowds both in terms of shopping and restaurants, this year. Even venturing into the belly of the beast of downtown Auburn – Go Tigers, War Eagle – on the last Saturday before the big day revealed only a busy brunch service at local favourite The Hound and a quiet crowd of shoppers killing time before that afternoon’s basketball game against Murray State.

Having been shown to a smart corner booth in The Hound’s main dining area we were brought the menu and an extensive drinks list. With a very broad range of southern staples, the place specialises in bacon and bourbon. This was reflected in them offering a bacon flight as well as a range of different ways to explore the various brands and styles of whiskey they stocked.

It felt a little early for bourbon but we did give the bacon a look. The flight comprised four styles – a house cured, pecan smoked, lemon pepper, and duck bacon – and was very good eating. MJ and I agreed that the pecan was the winner.

While I sipped a good local pale ale from their extensive tap selection, we awaited the arrival of our main dishes which were the breakfast plate for MJ and the redneck Benedict for me. They soon appeared.

The chorizo hash with the breakfast was similar to a dish I cook with suçuk although obviously not as good. MJ was pleased with the rest of her selection with the biscuit given a firm thumbs up.

My Benedict was traditional southern biscuits n gravy topped with house bacon and a couple of sunny eggs. It was my first time with sausage gravy which is essentially bechamel with sausage mince and a vigourous amount of black pepper. It was a very good backbone to this extremely hearty and substantial dish. I enjoyed it muchly.

We popped next door to sister cafe Coffee Cat and had very good espressos to follow. They had a real kick to them.

So overall, The Hound was a really welcoming place serving high quality dishes in stylish tavern surroundings. We ate our fill and left for a post-prandial waddle around the town before driving off for more adventures in the East Alabama/West Georgia area.

Blythe scores The Hound
4/5 for food
3.5/5 for presentation
4/5 for service
3.5/5 for setting
giving an overall 15/20

Today’s questers were: MJ, Blythe

We ate: house cured, pecan, lemon pepper, duck bacon flight; redneck Benedict; Hound brekkie

We drank: pale ale, water

We wore: black sweatshirt, black trousers

Total bill: $47.96

Address: Tichenor Road, Auburn AL

Written by BKR