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My arrival in the city where Europe meets Asia marked the completion of my circumnavigation of the globe. It had taken me the best part of five months and had been entirely glorious.

As usual, my time in the city was mainly focussed on catching up with friends so I spent rather more time dining at home than I have been doing of late. We did head out for a couple of meals, though.

The first of these was a late breakfast at Özsüt in Yenikoy. I’d visited many of the cafes in the neighbourhood but this place was new to me. It has a few branches across the city.

We found this one busy with punters celebrating the joys of the New Year as we were visiting on the first day of 2019. Our party consisted of a sleeping nearly two year old Kerim, six year old Ayla, along with their parents Emir and Hande.

Their menu was like an issue of some sort of style magazine such was the length and glossy quality. Instead of trying to plough through it in detail, I decided that it was best to turn over the ordering to Hande who knew the place well.

She assembled us a fine selection of sharing dishes along with suçuk and eggs – scrambled for me, sunny for Emir – and some chicken schnitzel for Ayla. We had various coffees and teas which were fine.

Dishes soon started appearing with some top notch soft cheeses, a cheese and pastirma platter, and some particularly good tahini with honey. This was accompanied by fresh classic simit, with the sesame encrusted bread ring a delight.

Our eggs promptly followed and were really good. My scramble was very similar to a dish I regularly make for breakfast in Edinburgh, but the suçuk was of rather better quality than I can source back home. 

Ayla wasn’t particularly taken with her chicken so I jumped in to help. It was decent if a little unspectacular.

Overall, Ozsut served us a very good New Year feed. From the olives to the cheeses to the pastirma and the eggs, everything – schnitzel aside – was of a really pleasing quality that set us up very well for a bracing walk along the Bosphorus. I’d be happy to return and may well do so on my next visit.

Blythe scores Ozsut
4/5 for food
3.5/5 for presentation
4/5 for service
3.5/5 for setting
giving an overall 15/20

Today’s questers were: Ayla, Hande, Emir, Kerim, Blythe 

We ate: breakfast selection, sucuk and eggs (2), pastirma and cheese selection

We drank: coffees, water, tea

We wore: 2019 stylings

Total bill: 190 YTL

Written by BKR