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It was time for my final meal in Charleston which was sad news indeed. I’ve felt so at home in this fantastic little city that it felt a real wrench to be leaving so soon.

Oak steakhouse had been given quite the build-up by my friends Hande and Patrick who had described it as pretty much the best place they’d eaten steak on their extensive travels.

Things didn’t start too well with a fairly lengthy delay in my table freeing-up which wasn’t handled in the most expeditious fashion. Service from that point forward was entirely more assured and extremely friendly, informed and attentive, though.

After a nice riff on a dark n stormy cocktail to start proceedings, I sought some advice on my best route to sampling as much of the menu as possible without over-ordering. Their steaks were generally massive cuts so some guidance was required and appreciated.

I settled upon the beef carpaccio to start then followed with their 16oz ribeye with half portion sides of lobster mac n cheese and whipped potatoes.

The carpaccio promptly arrived looking rather bonnie. The beef was of excellent quality and the dressing packed good horseradish kick. I enjoyed it.

The kitchen then sent me a little gift of two Rockefeller oysters, which was very lovely of them. The crumb topping of parmesan and spinach was very good on the fresh local beasties.

Then the steak arrived looking every bit as monstrous as hoped. I started with the sides both of which were top notch. The potatoes were super smooth and mac packed good meltiness and profuse pieces of sweet lobster meat.

The steak was an absolute beauty. I’d been given a fairly massive and sharp knife with which to attack, but the suppleness of the meat would have responded as well with a butter knife as it was super tender. The exterior char was almost in the realms of barbercue bark such was the level of crispness. It was as well cooked a piece of meat as I’ve ever been served.

I rounded things out with a decent espresso and the last of my glass of high quality Nebbiolo. It had been an outstanding meal.

Oak lived up to its lofty billing and then some. Their steak was as good as you’re likely to find anywhere and it was cooked so well it was just a sublime experience to eat it. Charleston is an absolute food-lovers paradise with Oak’s outstanding fare a shining jewel in that firmament.

Blythe scores Oak
4.5/5 for food
4/5 for presentation
4/5 for service
4/5 for setting
giving an overall 16.5/20

I ate: carpaccio, oysters Rockefeller (free), ribeye, lobster mac, whipped potatoes

I drank: Broad n stormy, Nebbiolo, water, espresso

I wore: Hawaiian wear

Total bill: $124.92

Address: 17 Broad Street, Charleston SC

Written by BKR