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When Nusret first opened in Etiler, we were there shortly after its opening and really enjoyed their pricey but high-theatre meaty delights. 

Since then owner Nusret Gökce has become the international phenomenon that is #saltbae and they now have restaurants all over the place.

These have not been universally successful or acclaimed and saltbae’s ubiquity has led to as much poking fun as approval, but for us he is still the amazing chap that introduced us to the joys of lamb neck and chops with some terrifyingly sharp knives. 

Conveniently, they have opened a branch in Istinye Park which is a very good local mall where we tend to hang out a fair bit during my time in Istanbul. It has good clothes shopping along with a great fresh market, good restaurants (we’ve eaten at Gunaydin and Bakhaus, amongst others in the past) and a good spot for Turkish coffee.

This Nusret branch has some of the shortcomings of mall dining, but maintains the excellent service with our server doing fine work on the theatrical presentation of the carpaccio in particular.

We opted for three courses of meat starting with the aforesaid carpaccio. Topped with a parmesan biscuit, fresh parmesan and rocket, the waiter cracked the biscuit into shards then expertly rolled the thinly sliced beef into a roulade and served us each two parts of the whole. It was a very well prepared dish.

We then followed with a signature dish that they call spaghetti. It is thinly sliced strips of seared beef served quite simply and topped with salt flakes. It was as good as ever.

Hande then had an avocado salad as she was feeling a little meated out while Emir and I shared a tomahawk steak cooked towards medium given the bone was in. It was very good stuff. 

The avocado salad was pretty good, too. The only real drop off from the original branch was the fries which were a little bit flat. The spinach puree also had a lot less butter in it than before, but I suppose that was no bad thing.

Overall, it was highly enjoyable to renew acquaintances with Nusret. Although it’s very expensive by Istanbul standards, this still represented feeding three people with a surfeit of high quality beef for around £100 which seems very good value to me. Particularly if you want to live out your #saltbae fantasies, this is the place for you.

Blythe scores Nusret
4/5 for food
4/5 for presentation
4.5/5 for service
3.5/5 for setting
giving an overall 16/20

Today’s questers were: Hande, Emir, Blythe

We ate: carpaccio, avocado salad, spaghetti beef, tomahawk, spinach, fries

We drank: beer, water, coffee

We wore: Jake, Pierre, Marcus (Mavi jeans styles)

Total bill: 683.50 YTL

Written by BKR