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Nellie’s Fried Pies

The only practical way to explore the little corner of east Alabama/south Georgia that MJ and I were criss-crossing is by car. That meant MJ took to the driver’s seat and ferried us from pillar to post a good deal.

On many of these journeys we passed the intriguingly named Nellie’s Fried Pies. I was therefore delighted when one morning after her daily trip to the gym, MJ returned to the homestead with goodies from the store for me to sample.

These particular fried pies are fruit stuffed flaky pastries ($2.50 + tax each) that are shallow fried in a buttered skillet until golden brown.

MJ had brought three specimens for me to consider. I left the apple to one side for MJ’s father Cliff to have with his lunch, and turned my attention to the peach and pecan varieties.

The peach was my favourite. The beautifully buttery pastry encased a generous filling of sweetly juicy filling. It blended crunch, then melt, then sweet for satisfying mouthfuls.

The pecan one was just a touch sweet for my palate but was still very well crafted. It was very much like the filling of the pecan pies MJ’s mother Sherry had made for Xmas Day.

Overall, it was a true delight to sample the glories of Nellie’s Fried Pies. They felt like a great local treat and one you should definitely have on your list to try. It’s the kind of thing I may even give a go myself when next I have a kitchen at my disposal.

Written by BKR