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Legend Brewing Co

I didn’t have long in Richmond, but I was keen to get a decent look at the city so set sail for a wander, with the mighty James river top of my list.

After a look at the Capitol and an espresso at Shockoe Espresso, I headed to the river and marvelled at its icy swell.

Finding myself south of the river, a quick look at the interwebs suggested that there was a nearby brewery called Legend. Their food menu looked like trad pub grub fare which on a chilly day sounded highly appealing. I tootled along the slushy sidewalks in its direction.

Although it had been open for only a few minutes, I found the place promisingly populated by people clearly here for the food rather than the beer.

I sampled their beer with a coffee brown ale hitting the spot very nicely. They had an excellent taproom selection. I wished I’d had more time to linger and explore their range.

For food, their soup of the day was a seafood chowder so I ordered a cup of that to start. It was a creamy delight with good bites of seafood and particularly tasty prawns in the mix. I was impressed.

I had their mac n cheese to follow. It came topped with a piece of fried chicken. I suspect my adventures further south will involve chicken of finer quality but this was pleasing enough stuff with a good crisp crumb. The mac was good and cheesy.

So overall, I enjoyed my trip to the Legend Brewing Co. It served me two dishes that really fit the bill on a day when bone-chilling cold needed a good chasing. I’d be happy to return on a warmer day to give their beer selection further consideration.

Blythe scores Legend
4/5 for food
3.5/5 for presentation
3.5/5 for service
3.5/5 for setting
giving an overall 14.5/20

I ate: chowder, mac n cheese with fried chicken

I drank: coffee brown ale

I wore: chamois shirt

Total bill: $31.02

Address: 321 West 7th Street, Richmond VA 23224

Written by BKR