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La Bijouterie

I spotted La Bijouterie on a couple of flybys when leaving the excellent L’Antiquaire cocktail bar which is just a couple of doors down.

A little online research revealed it was a much valued place for lunch, in particular, with a menu offering three dishes along with rice and soup for €20 which sounded good to me.

Upon arrival I was seated at the kitchen bar so had a good view of prep and cooking in action. 

Their menu of small plates which they call bijoux – jewels – contained seven options. I wanted them so turned over the choosing to the kitchen who opted for the mushroom gyoza, the mussels dim sum and the thinly sliced pork shoulder with kale and carrots.

As I supped a good local craft beer, the first dish to arrive was a wonderfully buttery pumpkin soup which I drank from the rustic cup with considerable glee.

The rest of my dishes then arrived together looking quite stylish. The mussel dumplings were really good. With dainty cubes of chorizo as an accompaniment in a sauce of paella stock, they were flavour-packed parcels of goodness.

The mushroom gyoza in a flavourful teriyaki sauce were very good, too. The pork shoulder dish was like a little bean stew topped with plentiful slices of high quality ham. It was another hit.

The rice was also excellent. Topped with seaweed and a spice mix including a little wasabi heat, the seasoning was spot on making this a really satisfying backbone to the meal.

Overall, La Bijouterie served me a really splendid lunch with dishes of charm and character. It’s the kind of place/approach that would play very well in Edinburgh. For a quick and highly enjoyable lunch, give this place a look.

Blythe scores La Bijouterie
4/5 for food
4/5 for presentation 
4.5/5 for service
4/5 for setting
giving an overall 16.5/20

I ate: pumpkin soup, mushroom gyoza, mussels dim sum, pork shoulder with kale

I drank: blonde ale, water

I wore: olive shirt

Total bill: €28
Written by BKR