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Although I’ve been to the likes of the McDonald’s drive thru in the UK, it felt like a must-do to sample food in the States via the medium of barking an order at a speaker then driving round to a collection counter.

Our chosen venue was Krystal, a purveyor of snack-sized burgers that are designed to be dispatched in four bites.

With their branding proclaiming “the later it gets, the more delicious we are” I believe the place is open 24/7 or if not it at least opens very late.

I left the ordering to MJ who decided I should have four of their classic items. At $0.84 each (before tax, $3.63 in total for 4) expectations were set fairly low for the quality of meat on offer.

Things were soon with me looking much as expected. The meat looked rather grey.

With a fair amount of pickle and mustard atop the thin patties, the first bite put me strongly in mind of McDonald’s. It was not great.

I let the other three cool a while and this improved things a little. Still, this was not the greatest delicacy I’ve ever tried.

Krystal is likely serving a need in a similar way to Waffle House but it was clearly not late enough for me to find them at their most delicious. I can imagine visiting again as a post-pub snack but I suspect that will be followed by a regret similar to that that follows an inferior late night kebab back home.

Written by BKR