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Coffee & Drinks in Paris

While I generally didn’t have much luck finding high quality places to eat (Arpège aside) in Paris, I had rather better fortune with cafes and bars.

One of the big reasons for my stop in town was to visit Little Red Door, an outstanding cocktail bar where it was lovely to renew acquaintances with the excellent Sarah, previously of the Last Word and Hoot in Edinburgh.

Their current menu features ‘Universal Values’ – the things that link us all together – and is beautifully designed. I sampled the Benevolence which was fresh and savoury with carrot to the fore. I had a lovely evening there propping up the bar.

I had time for a quick drink at Arbane on my way to dinner at the aforementioned Arpège. There they served me an interesting drink called Falaise with calvados, amontillado, Smoky Monkey and yellow Chartreuse. It was a really good palate livener.

Le Syndicat was another highly enjoyable stop. They showcase a selection of French only wines, beers, spirits and liquers, much in the same way as Bad Frankie does for Australian produce in Melbourne.

I sampled a really good drink called Requiem for a Drink which had an excellent blend of things like mushroom-infused (French) whisky. I really enjoyed my time in the bar.

For coffee, I made multiple stops at Partisan, which aside from anything else was right next to my hotel.

They were roasting on site in both third wave and continental roast styles which was interesting to see. I sampled espressos in both styles and while I greatly preferred the lighter roast, they were doing good work with the old style stuff.

I really enjoyed a stop at Telescope which was one of my favourite coffee shops from the whole trip. Serving both Hasbean and Koppi beans in a beautiful little pared-back shop, it really was a complete joy of a place.

I stopped briefly at Loustic where they served me an excellent espresso on the go. Strada Cafe served a very good coffee along with some cracking breakfast.

And that was that for Paris.
Written by BKR