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Coffee & Drinks in Gent

I love Gent (or Ghent) in so many ways and my second visit to the city only served to redouble that adoration.

On this visit, my time was again short but I had the opportunity to explore the city’s cafes and bars a little more fully than on my previous working visit.

The coffee highlight was at Peaberry. This smart and stylish cafe is serving coffee to an excellent standard. I had an outstanding Honduran espresso on my visit.

I also had very good espresso at Labath as I walked to lunch at Oak. Koffeine was just next to my hotel and was serving things to a very good standard, also.

On the drinks front the main focus of my attention was Jigger’s, a truly excellent cocktail bar with a weekly changing menu.

I was there towards the end of January so one of their weekly specials was a Bobby Burns in celebration of Burns Night. It’s a favourite drink of mine so I was delighted to sample it once more.

Jigger’s has added a ground-level bar to go with their cocktail cellar since last I was in town. I spent a couple of highly enjoyable evenings there.

The only other place I checked out for drinks was the Dok Brewing Company. This was on the recommendation of the folks at Jigger’s.

Dok’s brewery taproom is one of the best I’ve visited with an excellent selection across 30 taps and many more bottles.

I sampled a particularly good pale ale they’d brewed in collaboration with Northern Monk. It was truly splendid.

Written by BKR