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Coffee & Drinks in Charleston

I’d been pretty disappointed by the coffee offerings in DC and Baltimore. I just didn’t find much in the way of cafes and what I did find was pretty ordinary.

A conspicuous exception was Three Bean in Baltimore which was excellent. Richmond offered a little more with Lamplighter very good.

Given how good the general standard of restaurants had proven to be in Charleston, I was optimistic that there would be some better quality on offer.

The general coffee offering was dominated by filter of fairly variable quality. The best of this was at Virginia’s on King.

But my heart belongs to espresso so it wasn’t long before I was trying to suss out the best places for that.

One of the best I found was at The Daily, a spin-off cafe from Butcher & Bee, a popular local meaty restaurant where I had a curiously dull lunch. Their branch in the Gibbes Museum of Art was very good.

I really liked the espresso at Kudu, too. Part cafe, part craft beer bar, their coffee was made with close attention to detail for a very high quality finish.

I also had a tasty shot from Sassyass at the weekend farmers’ market. 

In terms of drinks, I spent three nights in Doar Brothers on Meeting Street. This super cool cocktail bar had only been open for two weeks but felt very settled and bedded-in.

They served me some great drinks from their menu on my first night there, then when I returned I introduced them to the full range of the silly things I have a habit of ordering. When I returned on the third night, half the bar was drinking Benedictine sours.

The place serves food, too, and I got a little look at their bread pudding topped with shaved black truffles. It was pretty epic. 

Thanks go to the whole team for looking after me so well during my stay, which included the drunkest night of my trip so far, only rivalled by similar escapades at Bad Frankie in Melbourne.

The only other significant stop I made was at the Container Bar for a couple of quality craft beers. This fun place was also serving free oysters on the day I visited and has a regular rotating squad of street food vendors on site. It’s definitely worth a look when you’re in town.

Written by BKR