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I’d heard very good things about Blossom ahead of my arrival in Charleston so was delighted to secure a table to dine there on the Sunday evening of my stay in town.

After a pre-dinner livener at nearby Doar Bros, I walked in to a slightly muted dining room and was shown to a table with a good view of what was going on.

From a large open kitchen – complete with wood-fired oven for their focussed pizza selection – there was plenty to take in, not least a large party making buttock-clenchingly awkward Xmas party conversation.

I opened with their house Manhattan and took a bulldover approach to the menu from there. I started with a dozen various oysters including six from the mighty James river. I followed with some she-crab soup, then rounded things out with their blackened catfish atop the house shrimp n grits.

The dazzling array of oysters soon arrived. The James’ were absolute beasts, but I think the beausoleil carried the day in terms of quality.

The soup to follow was pure velevetty deliciousness. It was dispatched in record time.

The catfish to conclude was clearly a dish they’d been cooking for many years. It had the polished quality of a house favourite.

So overall, Blossom was a complete delight. It served me three high quality dishes and some well-judged accompaniments. It’s clearly a much-valued staple and absolute favourite in these parts. I’d be more than delighted to return.

Blythe scores Blossom
4/5 for food
3.5/5 for presentation
4/5 for service
4/5 for setting
giving an overall 15.5/20

I ate: oysters, she-crab soup, blackened catfish with shrimp n grits

I drank: Manhattan, bubbles, Riesling, water 

I wore: Hawaiian wear 

Total bill: $107.16

Address: 171 East Bay Street, Charleston SC 29401

Written by BKR