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It was rather lovely to spend our Saturday evening with MJ’s parentals, Sherry and Cliff, in local farm-to-table favourite Acre.

MJ and I arrived a little ahead of schedule so took up station at the bar where I had a rather good Hemingway daiquiri. Sherry and Cliff soon joined us and we were quickly shown to a booth table in the main dining area.

Our server ran us through the ethos of the place ahead of offering various bits of helpful advice as to what we might eat. 

Sherry had visited before so pointed us in the direction of the sharing cheese and charcuterie platter to start which sounded like a good plan.

It promptly arrived looking mighty fine. It featured good local cheeses including a soft goat’s cheese and very good blue. But it was the charcuterie that was the star. They had guanciale which was unusual to see, excellent Tuscan salami, a smoked sausage that had been infused with Pabst Blue Ribbon, and fantastic pork rillettes. 

There were also various pickles including intriguing pickled grapes along with good if slightly incongruous peanut brittle. Overall, it was a really enjoyable dish, full of well-crafted elements.

Main courses showcased high quality local meats and fish. Cliff and Sherry enjoyed massive ribeyes. I helped out with Sherry’s and it was very good indeed.

MJ opted for the red snapper served with a southern crawfish pirloo – kinda like a jambalaya – and a side of brussel sprouts with tart cranberries. It was warmly receieved.

My crisp-skinned duck breast with a chilli honey sauce and goat’s cheese risotto was simple and rather splendid, with an excellent balance of flavours. I was highly impressed.

We were all pretty stuffed so a quick coffee aside, we wandered on with happily full bellies, leaving a buzzing dining room packed with revellers as appreciative as we had been.

Acre is a very high quality establishment serving dishes that are well thought-out and lovingly prepared. We spent a very enjoyable evening in their welcoming premises and were fed and looked after in fine style.

Blythe scores Acre
4/5 for food
4/5 for presentation
4/5 for service
4/5 for setting
giving an overall 16/20

Today’s questers were: Sherry, MJ, Cliff, Blythe

We ate: solid oak sampler, ribeye (2), snapper, duck, sprouts

We drank: daiquiri, white wine, red wine, beer, cola, water, coffee

We wore: festive baubles and such

Total bill: $258.34

Address: 210 East Glen Avenue, Auburn AL 36830

Written by BKR