It turned out that I had time for a leisurely lunch ahead of my flight to Lima, so with Buenos Aires bidding me farewell with a beautiful spring day I took a relaxed stroll towards the same neighbourhood where I’d dined at Oviedo the night before. It had looked smart and full of likely places.

After spotting a good cafe for coffee afterwards, I alighted upon Roux which looked like a very smart French corner bistro. The compact setting held a little over thirty diners. I found it busy but managed to snag the last walk-in table.

They offered an extensive a la carte selection with the full menu in English, which helped with some of the more obscure fish names.

After a small internal debate, I settled upon baby goat sweetbreads with ricotta and egg yolk raviolo to start, followed by the Patagonian trout served with gnocchi, squid and cauliflower.

Things kicked off with a couple of snacks. We had a fresh and bright gazpacho and a little quinoa-crumbed pate. These were very pleasing. There was also an impressive bread basket with good butter.

The starter arrived looking neat and quite bonnie. The sweetbreads were lightly crumbed and entirely delicious and the raviolo was very well-crafted. It was a rich and handsome plate of food.

The main course maintained that standard. The crumb on the fish was again quinoa. The trout very accurately cooked. The spinach gnocchi was first rate and the cauliflower – both as florets and puree – was excellent.

They were busy so I just jumped straight to the bill rather than see whether they broke with Buenos Aires fine dining convention and actually served proper coffee. One can only hope.

Overall, Roux was a lovely wee place for a spot of lunch. It was just the kind of relaxed elegance I needed ahead of a long drive to the airport. I’d be keen to return, perhaps for dinner next time, when I’m next in Buenos Aires, which I hope is sometime soon.

Blythe scores Roux
4.5/5 for food
4/5 for presentation
4/5 for setting
4/5 for service
giving an overall 16.5/20

I ate: snacks of gazpacho and pate, goat sweetbreads with ricotta and egg yolk raviolo, foams, mushrooms; Patagonian trout, spinach gnocchi, squid, cauliflower

I drank: white wine, sparkly water

I wore: travelling pants

Total bill: 1281 pesos

Address: Pena 2300, Buenos Aires

Written by BKR