I haven’t been writing much about breakfast on this trip because I haven’t been eating much of it. With hapahazard travel schedules, I’ve favoured sleeping late and having early lunches.

However, I got my meal pattern completely out of whack by eating about a kilo of meat at Don Julio at my first major lunch, meaning the eating was done for that day. I awoke the next morning very much in need of breakfast so I wandered up towards the Recoleta district and quickly found Rondo.

A really smart looking cafe in the third wave style, it looked just the ticket. I ambled in and was warmly greeted. I ordered an espresso and took a seat at their window shelf.

They were chatty throughout with the first question checking I knew that espresso was a tiny amount of coffee. I assured them that I was familiar with the fate that awaited me.

The espresso was very good so it prompted me to take a look at their food menu. I settled upon something uncharacteristically healthy in the shape of a fruit, yoghurt and granola combo.

This promptly arrived looking just the kind of bright and energising start to the day that I hate. But it was really good, with a blend of kiwi, strawberries and banana, good quality yoghurt and some required nutty crunch from the granola. It was a very enjoyable eat and on a blazing hot day it set me up well for a tour of the local graveyard.

So overall, it was good to write about breakfast once more and good to eat it at such a fine place as Rondo. I had two coffees such was the quality on offer. It would be one of my top picks for coffee in the city.

Blythe scores Rondo Cafe
4/5 for food
4/5 for presentation
4/5 for setting
4/5 for service
giving an overall 16/20

I ate: yoghurt with fruit and granola

I drank: espresso (2), water

I wore: action shorts

Total bill: 250 pesos

Address: Uruguay 1048, Buenos Aires

Written by BKR