Coffee & Drinks in Mexico City

On reflection, I probably stayed in the wrong part of town during my time in Mexico City. This wasn’t a particular problem as taxis were a very inexpensive way to scoot about the place. But I didn’t really have much in the way of coffee options to start my day. The centre of town is dominated by Starbucks, sadly.

Roma Norte and the area around there seemed to be a hotbed of little cafes and coffee shops so I was glad I made the decision to head there a couple of hours ahead of my reservation for lunch at Rosetta.

I only stopped at two places but they were both so excellent that I found myself lingering there at length.

First was a lovely spot called Cardinal Casa de Cafe. They were showcasing beans from Mexico, grown near Oaxaca. I’d never had Mexican coffee that I recall before, so this was exciting indeed.

The espresso I sampled was excellent, quite the best coffee I’d had since New Zealand. I had a second served as a macchiato and it was similarly splendid.

I tootled around the corner to Almanegra, another excellent place with a very familiar, artistic, hipster feel to it.

I followed the same pattern here with both espresso and macchiato and was richly rewarded with excellent shots. These had a slightly brighter start than the richly creamy style on offer at Cardinal, but they were of comparable splendour.

On the drinks front, I enjoyed my visit to the Falling Piano Brewing Co where I had both of their house pale ales. I had an interesting mezcal bloody maria with lunch at Comedor Jacinta.

But it was at Licoreria Limantour that I had the most dranks fun. Rated number 11 in the World’s 50 Best Bars, it’s another very cool inhabitant of the Roma Norte neighbourhood.

I only had time for one visit during which I sampled a couple of drinks from the menu.

First up from their current list was an excellent concoction called Lagunilla. This brought together whisky, manzanilla sherry and cherry Heering in a drink reminiscent of the mighty Campbeltown Cocktail. It was surprisingly light and fresh.

After a good local beer, I rounded out my brief stay with an Oakland which brought together mezcal, punt e mes, coffee and aperol. This was a boozier affair that packed a satisfying punch. It perhaps wasn’t the best judged pre-dinner drink, but it was my only opportunity to visit so I went for it anyway.

I left Limantour with a pocketful of recommendations for other bars that I’ll file away for next time I’m in town. Service was excellent and it comes close to being my favourite bar from the trip so far.

Written by BKR