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After the trauma of Argentinian pizza – truly the worst food I’ve encountered on my travels – I was keen to quickly banish the memory of this sorry foodstuff with a return to good quality pizza. I suspected this might need to wait until I got to the States, but I was happy when it was suggested a visit to a pizza place in Mexico City, not least because it also offered an opportunity to try a local delicacy as part of the fun.

The suggestion came from my friend Claire with whom it was great to reconnect. Along with partner James, she has recently moved to Mexico City. Claire’s friend Julia also joined us on this merry escapade, along with a very special friend called Ned. Ned is a tiny poodle.

After some excellent beers at the Falling Piano Brewing Co, we took a short stroll through the Roma Norte neighbourhood to Cancino on Zacateras.

Aside from the strong lure that pizza always has, the Mexican twist was that Cancino offers a pizza with huitlacoche as a topping.

Huitlacoche, sometimes called corn smut, is a black fungus that grows on corn. This has become something of a delicacy, revered in similar terms to the truffle although I assume involving less need for sensitive pig snouts in its detection.

Upon arrival we were shown to seats in the smart casona interior. Menus were brought and we took a moment to consider our drink and pizza needs.

Having spied on what other diners were eating, it became clear that a couple of pizzas to share was probably the way to go. With the huitlacoche and Oaxaca cheese variety an absolute must, we settled upon the salami calabrese as our other choice. James and Claire stuck with soft drinks while Julia opted for sangria and I tried their impressively good negroni. Ned looked on with longing eyes that failed to elicit any gifts from the table.

The salami pizza soon arrived looking pretty enticing. The base was lightly crisp and the toppings of good quality with the cheese enjoyably stringy.

The main event pizza soon followed. It was generously smutty and also had smut-free corn in the mix, as well as some green chilli. The huitlacoche was pretty good but didn’t pack an overwhelming punch. It was just a good mushroomy nutty note which is something I tend to enjoy with pizzas and did so here, once more.

So overall, it was very pleasing to be reintroduced into the world of quality pizza with a visit to Cancino. It’s a really smart place for pizza with well-judged Mexican twists. Give it a try next time the road brings you to Mexico City.

Blythe scores Cancino
4/5 for food
4/5 for presentation
4/5 for setting
4/5 for service
giving an overall 16/20

Today’s questers were: Ned, Claire, Julia, James, Blythe

We ate: salami calabrese pizza, huitlacoche and Oaxaca queso pizza

We drank: cola, sangria, negroni

We wore: dog jumper, leopard print, gym wear, cap, action footwear

Total bill: 647 pesos

Address: Zacateras 98, Roma Norte, Ciudad de Mexico

Written by BKR