Al Buen Tallarin

I remain on a bit of a fine dining tear at the moment, not least because South America’s restaurants are very reasonably priced making top-end dining highly accessible.

However, I still find the need to eat rather more simply pretty often. Across my time in Santiago and Buenos Aires I’ve been hunting out good looking places for empanadas, the prevailing South American equivalent of the pie or pasty. My success levels have not been high.

But then on a sleepy Sunday morning I bumped into Al Buen Tallarin, a specialist pasta and noodle maker that also makes an impressive range of empanadas and other baked goods.

Al Buen Tallarin apparently means “to the good noodle” which seems like a toast that I may adopt in the future.

I adopted the tried and tested approach of the language incompetent by point at things randomly then saying “si” when the lovely counter man told me what they were.

I ended up with a bounty of jamon y queso, roquefort y muzarella and carné which seemed pretty decent going to me. They cost 100 pesos.

I returned to my nearby hotel to munch them. They proved just the empanadas I’d been looking for. The pastry was light and crisp with a good glaze to it, while the fillings were all of excellent quality, in particular the carné which featured enjoyable seasoned beef mince.

So overall, sometimes it takes a while to search out what is needed and in this case it took two countries, but I was glad to finally track down some top-notch empanadas. I’m sure there are other more valued spots in the city but this felt like a really good place to me, so give it a look when next you’re in these parts.

Written by BKR