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12th Street Food Trucks

As an antidote to my fine dining exploits, I headed to downtown DC having spotted the previous day that a number of food trucks set up along 12th Street for lunchtime service.

With around a dozen or so options to choose from, I had brought a hearty appetite aimed at sampling from two places for a two course breakfast-lunch.

After a wander along the length of the trucks which extended round the corner onto the cross-street, I settled upon From Scratch to start.

Showcasing some dishes from the Balkans, I was lured in by their top of the menu dish called cevapi ($12.10). This brought together minced beef and pork formed into sausage-like cylinders with kajmak and ajvar as the toppings.

It put me in mind of lorne sausage when it arrived which was no bad thing given it was effectively my breakfast. The cream cheese and pepper sauces didn’t add much and the sausages while decent lacked pizzazz.

My attention then turned to Tempo di Pasta which was serving a range of smart sounding pasta dishes.

From their list I opted for the rigatoni with peppers, sausage and ricotta ($11.05). This was prepped to order and soon with me.

I dined on the steps of the nearby Portrait Gallery where I soon enjoyed brushing up on my presidential history.

The dish put me in mind of the fast pasta delights we used to sample so very regularly from Domenico’s. It was a dish in a very similar style to their spicy sausage pasta.

As such I enjoyed it very much and it was extremely generous portion so I was grateful to have such a pleasant post-prandial constitutional planned to walk off its excesses.

It was great to discover this parade of street food joy at the heart of Washington’s busy business district. It’s catering to appreciative lines of office workers. I enjoyed what I sampled with the pasta memorably good. Make sure to check it out when you’re in town.

Written by BKR