Zen Sushi & Dumplings


My New Zealand arrangements were all a bit last minute so I didn’t have a clear plan for how I’d spend my time in the city beyond checking out much-vaunted Roots in nearby Lyttelton.

My first act, though, was to grab some quick and tasty lunch ahead of a low impact afternoon when I planned to watch sportball of some description.

Some quick attention to Google Maps revealed a nearby takeaway called Zen Sushi & Dumplings which sounded exactly what I was after. I toddled the short distance around the corner from my apartment in the warming midday sun.

The place was slightly round the back of things but well sign-posted so I easily found it.

It offered a good range of sushi and sashimi options, most of which were boxed up for ease of access. They were also cooking dumplings to order by either the dozen or half dozen. I opted for a dozen of the pork and chive. I added a large miso soup. The whole thing cost $19.50.

The food took a moment or two to arrive, both because they were cooking fresh and because they had a considerable stream of locals stopping by. It’s clearly a well-regarded place.

And it was easy to see why, once I was returned to my apartment and gently ensconced in my gentleman’s daywear.

The soup was a good, solid miso. I liked it. The dumplings were a notch or two better with good ginger fragrance from the filling and crisply fried casings making for good eating. I’d really just been looking for something quick and cheerful, but this was notably good work. I was impressed.

So overall, Zen looks to be doing really good work. I enjoyed what I ate and it was clear I was not the first to have discovered its charms. It served me a lunch that was rather more refined that my needs, but was highly enjoyable still. It’s a place worth a look when you need a quick bite on the go in the heart of Christchurch.

Written by BKR