The Greek Food Truck

Where were you during your first earthquake? Well, in my case I was sitting on the bus at Wellington airport, waiting to drive back into the city after a few days in Christchurch. As a 6.2 quake rattled for more than 30 seconds, I just thought it was the driver messing around with the suspension to relieve the boredom of the wait for more passengers to arrive. It was only when I got to my hotel that I heard what had happened.

Thankfully, aside from a modicum of panic the damage was very minor. It was a strong but deep tremor.

Anyhoo, I was hungry so fancied a quick bite before explaining to everyone at home about my miraculous brush with death and the selfless acts of heroism I’d conducted in the name of preserving the kiwi nation for future generations.

I’d spotted a little greek place called The Greek Food Truck just around the corner from where I was staying so headed there for something delicious.

They’d got a fair shake in the van during the tremor so “tales of the quake” was very much the topic of conversation. I let them recommend what I shoukld eat which turned out to be their chicken souvlaki with extra halloumi. This came to a total of $16.

In outstandingly fresh pitta, the filling was veritably bursting from the seams. The chicken packed excellent flavour, chips gave things a good starchy backbone, and the cheese was exceptionally well toasted. It was really excellent stuff that I enjoyed muchly.

So overall, The Greek Food Truck’s splendid souvlaki will live on in my memory as the ideal food for the aftermath of earthquakes. I’m sure it can be enjoyed equally well in a range of other circumstances, so I’d recommend it to you. And hopefully this will be my one and only need for a post-quake feed as the earth shaking violently is not my preferred aperitif.

Written by BKR