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Tasmanian Coffee & Drinks

My time in Tasmania was quite brief so I felt compelled to cram in as many bar and cafe trips as I could. I hit a rich vein of form from the outset.

My first stop was at Amelia Espresso which was just around the corner from my extremely mediocre hotel in the otherwise very charming Launceston. Serving beans by Ritual roastery, this was first rate stuff – as good as I’d been served on the Australian leg of my journey.

I had another really enjoyable espresso experience at Sweetbrew, where I also stopped for breakfast. I was served the Five Seasons Darkhorse blend to an excellent standard.

Launceston is close to a number of excellent vineyards, most notably in the Tamar Valley. I had really excellent wines as part of meals at Stillwater and Black Cow while in town. There was some particularly good pinot gris on offer.

I also had a stop at an impressive craft beer bar called Saint John’s. I only had time for a couple of swift ones with the first a tropical pale ale called Krush from Victoria’s Kaiju Brewery. I followed with a Stone & Wood Pacific ale. Both were really good. I really enjoyed the place would have enjoyed a full evening propping up the bar.

Another local delicacy that I checked out was the Launceston Distillery single malt. This was highly approachable stuff.

I headed down the road to Hobart and immediately ran into a great coffee shop called Yellow Bernard which again was serving the Darkhorse blend. This was a really lovely wee place. I visited their next door neighbour Vilicia the next day and was rewarded with some first rate Colombian washed espresso served with a little glass of cascara on the side.

I had drinks at the Post Street Social -which served me a good local chardonnay but was dead as a dodo on a chilly Tuesday evening.

Rather livelier was Preachers, a fantastic craft beer bar. I sampled kick-ass coconut stout, a great NEIPA called Jedi Juice, and a fantastic rye IPA from local T-Bone brewery.

I explored other espresso options at Straight Up, a great cafe on Liverpool Street. Their espresso was roasted in-house and wonderfully complex with an almost bready aroma resolving into bright and invigorating notes.

I had good espresso from Room for a Pony and really enjoyed the shot from Capulus Espresso.

There were some outstanding matchers in Franklin drinks pairings, with Brian the notable winner.

And that was about it from a really good couple of days when I crammed in a fairly representative cross-section of Tassie coffee and boozes. I feel like I was fortunate in my path, but even so was very impressed with what was on offer. I’d love to return and explore things in more detail, but hopefully this gives you some ideas for where to go when you find yourself in these parts.

Written by BKR