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Smith & Daughters

I’m keen to ensure a varied sampling of cooking styles during my time in Melbourne so I was delighted to discover a smart looking vegan restaurant just near to where I was staying.

Called Smith & Daughters, it came with a solid reputation with a couple of pals speaking highly of it when I mentioned I was planning to go there.

It was a considerable stroke of luck that after a couple of near misses, my pal Simon took me there on a rainy Tuesday.

We found it on buzzing form with a full house of punters on what otherwise seemed quite a quiet evening in the neighbourhood. We took up station at the end of the bar and considered the menu.

We quickly noted an option called ‘Feast Me’ which sounded too good to turn down. We sampled from their quality cocktail list to open proceedings.

First up was potato done in the style of a parma with crisp crumb, kale topping and richly sweet tomato sauce. This was lovely stuff.

We then had a stuffed bread like a calzone which was really good. The parade continued with a power-packed stuffed aubergine.

The main course dishes included pasta and ‘meatballs’ with fresh ricotta. I didn’t enjoy the texture of the balls – a little too dense – but this was an otherwise enjoyably hearty dish. We were reaching full level when a dish of slow cooked ragu and polenta arrived. Then there was a zingy salad dish. This was quite the feast.

We rounded things out with their delicious Bomb Alaska, with the meringue torched at the table. We added very good espresso then admitted defeat.

So overall, Smith & Daughters was a really vibrant and highly enjoyable place to eat dinner. The food was fresh and nourishing. I’d be happy to return for more dishes from their menu and another good feasting.

Blythe scores Smith & Daughters
4/5 for food
3.5/5 for presentation
4/5 for service
4.5/5 for setting
giving an overall 16/20

Today’s questers were: Simon, Blythe

We ate: chef’s selection

We drank: cocktails, Sicilian red, espresso, water

We wore: rainwear

Total bill: Simon’s shout

Address: 175 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy 3065

Written by BKR