Pizza Pomodoro

I’d been universally advised that I needed to check out Wellington pizza institution Pizza Pomodoro. It had been in my crosshairs to visit on my opening night but like everywhere else it was shut due to Labour Day. I ventured in after a lactic climb up Mt. Victoria.

It’s essentially a takeaway and delivery place but there are a couple of tables just next to the counter for people to linger while they wait, or even munch in situ.

I was lucky enough to find a space free so having ordered the margarita – a lunchtime bargain at $10 – I sat expectantly.

My boxed item arrived in a matter of minutes, as you would expect from pizza in the Neapolitan style. It looked great, smelled great, and unsurprisingly tasted great.

It was right up there with the best pizzas I’ve been served. The dough had just enough crispness to balance the joyful softness of the dough.

The topping featured excellent red sauce and quality cheese for an absolutely outstanding pie.

So overall, Pizza Pomodoro was every bit as good as everyone said it was. It was a pleasure to eat such a well-crafted dish. Make sure to visit when you’re next in Wellington.

Written by BKR