November 10, 2018 Melbourne, pizza No Comments

La Casa

I’ve been lured in rather too much by Melbourne’s fine dining scene. While my bank account recovers from the assault I’ve been waging on it with meals at Vue de Monde, Attica and the like, I finally resolved to have a quieter evening focussed on sampling some local late-night takeaway.

I’d walked past La Casa a fair few times on trips to Black Pearl and the like and made a mental note to visit if I could finally find an evening where I hadn’t already eaten two tasting menus in the same day.

After beers at the wonderfully named Naked for Satan such an opportunity presented itself so I crossed their threshold just before midnight closing time.

I found a very familiar counter set-up and a friendly counter man calling me ‘boss’. It felt just like home.

The menu featured Lebanese style pizzas presumably reflecting the owners’ native cuisine. I was keen to try the national dish of Hawaii, though, so ordered a ham and pineapple pizza. A large one cost $12.

My item was cooked to order and soon with me. I strolled the short distance back to my apartment before tucking in.

It proved to be a very good version of my current late-night pizza favourite. The shredded ham was plentiful and the pineapple once more confirmed its status as the world’s finest pizza topping.

So overall, La Casa did a fine job of addressing late night hunger while giving my wallet a rest from the pounding I’ve been giving it in Australia. I’d recommend this place to you and will be back if I find a moment to try their traditional Lebanese oregano pizza.

Written by BKR