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Jubilee Supper Room

Our Beer Man’s Verdict

General busy-ness at work has, sadly, significantly reduced recent opportunities for food and beer questing.

However, a late meeting followed by a drive home took me through Granton – so I decided to seize this impromptu opportunity. 

This part of town is well served for questing, with a couple of Chinese take-aways and two mega-chippies.

In the mood for fried food, I was unsure whether to sample Javit’s or the Jubilee. Both are large, brightly-lit premises offering the usual options.

In the end, I opted for the Jubilee purely because it was easier to park outside.
There’s a wide range of options – including pizzas, kebabs, pasta, burgers and baked potatoes – but I was after some deep-fried delights so, I settled on chicken pakora (£5). And it may be heresy, but I prefer fritters to chips, so I added a portion of those as well for £2.50.

Freshly-cooked by the friendly proprietor, my items were with me in a few minutes. And 10 minutes later, I was unwrapping the warm paper parcels at home.

A generous portion of fritters had around 10 battered slices of potato in salt and sauce. Despite the journey, they were still tasty and retained some crispness.

There were four monster fillets of chicken coated in thick batter, with salad and sweet chilli sauce provided. While I had no complaints about the generosity of the chicken pakora portion, it was a little greasy and spongy rather than crisp.

Overall, though, I thought it was decent value – and tasty enough.

I may not have enjoyed the food at its best after it cooled and steamed on the drive home, so it would undoubtedly be better eaten fresh. Overall, the Jubilee Supper Room appears to be doing solid work in the face of stiff opposition and is worth a visit if you’re in the area.

Address:122-124 West Granton Road, Edinburgh EH5 1PF

Written by BKR