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Tekka Market, Little India

The next stop on my jaunt around Singapore’s hawker markets and food centres was Little India’s Tekka Market.

Along similar lines to the Chinatown Complex but for Indian food, ingredients and styles, I felt like I might be timing it right by arriving for such a late lunch that it bordered on early dinner time. And so it proved as by the time I was finishing up the queues had grown quite lengthy.

The first counter I visited was a south Indian specialist called Guru Dosai Shop, which unsurprisingly offered a dosa – paper-thin rice and gram flour pancakes – focussed menu.

I opted for a simple masala dosa (S$2) filled with spiced potato. It came with range of sauce, dips and condiments including traditional sambar.

Served in a big triangle, it lent itself to a tear and dip approach, with cutlery only required for the final few mouthfuls.

The pancake was superbly light and crisp and the filling beautifully spiced. The accompanying sauces were first rate with a real complexity to the spicing and enjoyable layers of flavour.

I fancied a second course so toddled along to Hanifa’s Biryani Specialist for…well, biryani. I opted for the mutton which was served with egg and cucumber (S$6).

A generous portion of rice was topped with a hunk of on-the-bone mutton with a sauce served on the side. This looked pretty great and smelled even better.

It proved a completely joyful experience. The spicing was again complex and warming rather particularly vigorous. It was highly accomplished stuff with the meat, likely from one of the on-site butchers was splendidly tender.

So overall, Little India’s Tekka Market served me two high quality dishes. The dosa in particular was excellent. To ensure a good variety in your eating whilst in Singapore, this is another must-visit food centre.

Written by BKR