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Such tired. Many sleepy. My room was still not available for another two hours so lunch seemed like the only sensible choice to pass the time before a collapsing sleep.

I did some Googling as I had a hankering for pizza and wanted one that was good. SPQR appeared at the top of some judges’ lists and was but a mid-length stroll away.

I was their first customer at two minutes after they opened. I was keen to eat.

Their menu of pizzas along with some light starters was helpfully detailed on their main chalkboard. I got as far as margherita and stopped. I added a glass of their tap beer, a pretty decent craft lager.

The pizza was prepped and cooked to order in their wood-fired oven. It was soon with me looking pretty smart.

It proved a highly enjoyable eat. The dough was light with a good crispness which resolved into fluffily chewable. The topping was of excellent quality with the tomato sauce particularly good.

So overall, SPQR served me just the pizza I was looking for. Its pillowy crust was a joyful prelude to the slumber pillow my head hit an hour or so later. I suspect I’ll be back before my time in Melbourne is out as my hankering for pizza is more regular than monthly.

Blythe scores SPQR
4.5/5 food food
4/5 for presentation
4/5 for setting
4/5 for service
giving an overall 16.5/20

I ate: margherita

I drank: craft lager

I wore: the world’s tiredest face

Total bill: $32

Address: 26 Liverpool Street, Melbourne 3000 Victoria

Written by BKR