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Maxwell Food Centre

My original intention on a rainy Saturday morning had been to head to much vaunted Amoy Street Food Centre, but finding that closed for spring cleaning, I headed just along the road to the Maxwell Food Centre.

This place is home to a well-regarded Hainese chicken stall visited by Anthony Bourdain, but I thought I’d give something else a try.

I joined the second longest queue in the place which was for fish porridge at the Yi Jia Teo Chew counter. The Spurs banner they had behind the counter further reinforced this as the choice for me.

The queue was quickly managed down and I was soon ordering my portion of fish porridge, which cost S$5.

I took a seat nearby and tucked in. Much like the carrot cake situation on the previous day, the name was largely a misnomer with the dish simply comprising fish broth with rice, greens and much freshly cooked white fish

I believe the fish was mainly batang. Whatever the case it was delicious as was the rest of the dish. I’ve eaten a fair number of dishes along similar lines in Asia but this was the best one yet. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I had time and appetite for a stop at the famous Lim Kee (Orchard) Banana Fritters stall where I tried a banana and a sweet potato fritter, which cost a combined S$2.20.

In the case of both, the batter was light and crisp although a touch on the greasy side. The banana was the better of the two, although I wasn’t totally wowed by what is regarded as the best version of this dish available in the city.

So overall, I had two enjoyable food experiences at the Maxwell Food Centre. The fish porridge is definitely one to add to your list, and the fritter stall would likely be a favourite of someone with just a bit more of a sweet-tooth than me. Make sure to visit when you’re in town.

Written by BKR