October 13, 2018 Market, Singapore No Comments

Lucky Plaza Food Centre


I was sad to leave Seoul after an outstanding time there, but it was onwards on the odyssey.

I was shattered from the flight so took a while to settle into my hotel and catch up on some sleep, but I soon needed sustenance.

A quick search revealed that there was a pretty humble looking food centre nestled in the basement of one of the ubiquitous malls on famous Orchard Road, which was where I was staying.

Called the Lucky Plaza Food Centre, it contained just a few counters with seating in front. Everything was priced very cheaply, but this was no bland fest. The fare on offer was very much in the realms of the weird and wonderful.

I saved spine meat soup for another day, but liked the look of the Hi Jua Sliced Fish Soup counter which has apparently been trading for 25 years.

I opted for the fried fish soup ($6). The counter woman asked if I wanted clear or milky soup. I opted for the clear but the boss lady reckoned the milky was the way to go. When I agreed she should me what she meant by milky – added condensed milk. Remarkable.

The soup was soon with me looking pretty good. It was a lightly aromatic broth with quite pleasant sweetness from the tin of Carnation.

The battered whitefish pieces were profuse, chunky and tremendously overcooked, but still pretty enjoyable.

So overall, I enjoyed my first meal in Singapore. Orchard Road is very glitzy and glamorous – with every top-end brand you could name represented – so it was good to find this cheap and cheerful food option buried in the mix. I’d recommend it to you if you find yourself in this neighbourhood and in need of something hearty and inexpensive.

Written by BKR