October 24, 2018 Burger, Melbourne, Vegan No Comments

Lord of the Fries

Never let it be said that I’m not swayed in my eating decisions by the names of places. When a solid level of decisiveness set in – I couldn’t even work out whether to dine out, order in or grab takeaway – a place called Lord of the Fries swooped in to the rescue.

It seems to be a fairly well established purveyor of vegan favourites having built from the humble beginnings of a chip van.

I toddled along to their branch in the mall complex around Central Station. A simple counter set-up, I stared blankly at their menu boards for a good while before settling on the parma burger and classic fries. These came to a total bill of $16.50.

I strolled back towards my abode and with regulation photos taken I tucked in.

The parma burger was a vegan take on the chicken burger topped with ham, cheese and pizza sauce. It was really pretty good with a good variety of textures and flavourful elements.

The chips were served skin-on as is their classic recipe. They were good with a pleasing crunch resolving to a good fluffy centre. However, they were the saltiest fries I’ve ever encountered. I think the way with the place is that you top the fries with a combo of their dressings and sauces, but this much salt as a base layer felt very excessive. Maybe I got a double shake because I hadn’t opted for sauce but even so.

So overall, there are few greater pleasures than finding an eatery with such a fantastic name as Lord of the Fries. As a sort of vegan junk food place, I really quite enjoyed it. I would have enjoyed it more if they’d been just a touch less heavy-handed with the salt, but otherwise this is a place very much worthy of your attention.

Written by BKR