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Kkanbu Chicken


After a through-the-night flight from Almaty that only really offered a couple of hours of darkness, I was completely shattered. Despite it being perhaps the wrong way to deal with potential jetlag, I figured I would eat a late lunch then go to sleep for as long as possible to try to restore myself to something like a normal state.

Korea offers an amazing array of signature dishes with the one that was foremost in my mind on this occasion being their love of fried chicken and beer, known as chimaek. I headed to a branch of Kkanbu to give it a try. Kkanbu has been trading since 2006 and looks to have a number of branches across the city.

Their menu, like most places in Seoul, is quite short and to the point focussing on their particular specialty.

I quickly settled on the crispy 6 pack chicken and the mega crunch potato, and added a Warsteiner wheat beer for good measure.

The mega crunch potato, more commonly known as chips to you and I, were indeed mega crunchy with good seasoning. I enjoyed them muchly.

The chicken soon arrived. A large portion of six chicken legs, the batter was light and crisp and the chicken very juicy, reflecting artful cooking. This was just this dish I needed to restore my general wellbeing.

So overall, Kkanbu served me a really good first meal in Seoul. Their fried chicken was impressively satisfying and their chips were top notch. I’d recommend the place to you when you’re looking to try a modern Korean classic.

Blythe scores Kkanbu
4/5 for food
4/5 for presentation
4/5 for setting
4/5 for service
giving an overall 16/20

I ate: crispy 6 pack chicken, mega crunch potato

I drank: beer

I wore: lightly rained-upon Hawaiian shirt

Total bill: 35000 won

Written by BKR