October 16, 2018 Market, Singapore No Comments

Kim San Leng Food Centre

One of the benefits of the unlimited travel card offered to tourists in Singapore for a very reasonable fee is that you’re more likely to explore further afield, or at least that was the case for me.

It wasn’t that I ventured particularly distantly, but I wouldn’t have thought of trying the Kim San Leng food centre in Bishan without the travel pass.

What I found was a lively food court with the increasingly familiar array of delights. I’d not tried duck anywhere before now, so when I spotted a stall called House of Braised Duck I thought it was time to rectify that.

One of the dishes was called Happy Duck Rice so I ordered that. It cost S$4.

My dish was soon with me looking a good and varied portion with rice, duck, some beans, tofu, half a boiled egg and some cucumber batons. It also came with a bowl of broth, so it was splendid bang for the buck.

It made for pretty good eating although the duck at the heart of things was a little on the dry side which was rather disappointing. The tofu was really good, though, so made sure that the dish was very pleasing in the final reckoning.

So overall, I was glad to visit the Kim San Leng food centre and sample another hearty and good value dish from the hand of the Singaporean hawkers. It was good to get a look at somewhere a little off the guidebook recommendations, as well. Consider it as part of your itinerary on a Singapore visit.

Written by BKR