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Drinks in Seoul

Believe it or not, I’ve had a fairly light drinking time on this trip so far. The first time I formed these words was to my friend Hande when I arrived in Istanbul, the day after I’d had six glasses of wine with lunch at Borkonyha.

But I haven’t had, y’know, big blowout evenings of cocktail doom nor regular daytime drinking nonsense. I’ve been going to the gym occasionally, if you can believe it. I wouldn’t blame you if you don’t.

Anyhoo, Seoul is renowned for its drinking culture with soju – the world’s biggest selling spirit – cheaper than bottled water and available at all times from your obliging local corner shop.

My first decent scoop in the city was the paired drinks at Soigné about which I said very little in the review. They were well considered matchers with very high quality wines from European vineyards. This included a splendid dry Riesling, an orange Riesling, and a very intriguing fermented ginseng wine. I enjoyed them a lot.
beers from around the world, I took up station at the bar and tucked in.

I started with their American Dream, moved on to the tart Spontan Lychee, then finished with the Eureka Seoul Hop Ale from Korean/Californian brewery, The Booth. The latter was outstanding.

I had my only really excessive nights at Mix & Malt, near the Changdeokgung Palace grounds. This was a buzzing and popular spot with a bar team that both entertained and delivered accomplished drinks. Amongst other things, I tried a beer called Heretic, and sampled cocktails including a very good Martinez. They had a very good selection of whisky so I took the opportunity to introduce them to Mike Aikman’s classic Campbeltown cocktail.

I returned a second time and was delighted that they knew how to make a very good Hanky Panky. A huge thank you goes to the lovely Aurora for looking me so well.

Aside from that, I sampled a little soju here and there, but I otherwise kept things pretty well behaved. Seoul’s a great party city and the little I sampled of its drinking scene felt welcoming and really quite exciting.

Written by BKR