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Delhi Streets

After a nice couple of pots in the early evening sunshine at Arbory, my Melbourne guide and guest quester Amy suggested some dinner at an Indian place a short wander away. That sounded like a splendid idea to me.

The place is buried in amongst various office buildings and has the feel of a great little lunchtime escape from workaday drudgery.

The modern dining area is compact and offers a blend of low counter seating and standard tables and chairs. We had a short wait to access either as the place was packed, so in El Cartel style we put our names down on the list which we were assured would result in a table within a short period. Sadly there wasn’t a Bon Vivant over the road to sip a martini while we waited, but true to their word we were seated at the counter seats within the quarter hour.

Amy knew her way around the menu so recommended we go for the tiffin box selection which provided an array of starters, our choice of three curries with rice and naan for main, then a couple of desserts for the princely sum of $35 each.

The curries cycle through classic style with an ever changing chalkboard of what’s on offer. Today we chose butter chicken, classic daal and lamb saag.

But first we had starters of pani puri, bhel puri and chicken tikka with a pickle tray including power-packed lime pickle. Pani puri, the little crisp shells filled with channa masala into which you pour herby water are a particular favourite so it was great to renew acquaintances.

The curries were likewise delivered to a really good standard. The butter chicken was excellent, the lamb saag full of tender pieces in a satisfyingly spinachy sauce, and the daal its usual comforting self. Naan and rice were very good, too.

We had the option to replenish any and all of the dishes which is a great boon for those with big appetites. Portions were pretty generous, though, so we were happy with what we’d been given.

We rounded things out with carrot halwa and a coconut cardamom ice cream lolly, both of which were very good.

So overall, Delhi Streets was an excellent call. It served us high quality Indian fare which is something I have been missing on travels thus far, Tekka Market aside. This looks a really good place to know about for high-quality snackage in the city.

Blythe scores Delhi Streets
4/5 for food
3.5/5 for presentation
4/5 for setting
3.5/5 for service
giving an overall 15/20

Today’s questers were: Amy, Blythe

We ate: tiffin boxes of bhel puri, chicken tikka, pani puri; lamb saag, butter chicken, daal, rice, naan; carrot halwa, coconut ice cream lolly with cardamom

We drank: lager, water

We wore: blue, orange

Total bill: $82

Address: 22 Katherine Place, Melbourne, Victoria 3000

Written by BKR