October 25, 2018 Melbourne, pub grub, Vegan No Comments

Cornish Arms

Melbourne looks to cater very well for those pursuing a vegan diet. Following on from trips to Smith & Daughters and Lord of the Fries, I headed to the Brunswick neighbourhood to a pub with strong vegan credentials.

The Cornish Arms seemed like a fair dinkum boozer as I wandered in and supped on a pint of Cooper’s. I was to be joined again by Richard with whom I’d shared an excellent lunch at South of Johnston.

Richard had taken up station in their rooftop bar so I eventually headed up there once I twigged.

It was a very lively spot with good views over the city centre. After another pot of pale ale, we headed back down to the main bar to eat.

We found it very busy so we had to grab a corner of their communal table at the back, near their downstairs beer garden.

Most of the vegan selection was in the style of TVP, seitan and other protein replacement options which isn’t really Richard’s preferred vegan style, so he got them to adapt their mushroom burger. I chose the chicken parma as a nostalgic tip of the hat to that Middlesbrough delicacy.

Dishes arrived in good time looking much as expected. The parma was a fairly massive piece of chicken schnitzel topped with ham and plentiful bubbly cheese. It came with good chips and a fair salad.

Richard proclaimed the mushroom burger to be very good. The parma was similarly impressive with a crisply crumbed piece of thinly bashed chicken that packed decent succulence. It was a good hearty snack to balance a few more bevvies through the evening.

So overall, The Cornish Arms gave me the opportunity to check out a neighbourhood – Brunswick – that I wouldn’t otherwise have seen and served us a good, no-nonsense meal. It’s impressive to see the catering to vegan tastes extended to pub grub in this style. Edinburgh could learn and thing or two from this approach.

Blythe scores The Cornish Arms
4/5 for food
3.5/5 for presentation
3.5/5 for setting
3.5/5 for service
giving an overall 14.5/20

Today’s questers were: Richard, Blythe

We ate: mushroom burger, chicken parma

We drank: shiraz, pale ale

We wore: black shoes, blue shoes

Total bill: $58.50

Address: 163a Sydney Road, Brunswick, Victoria 3056

Written by BKR