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Friday night on the means streets of Almaty and horsemeat beckoned. A little Googling suggested Turkish steakhouse Ziyafet might be a good option so I took a stroll in their direction.

On my way there it was conspicuous that restaurants were all very quiet. A holiday the following week meant that the following day, Saturday, was a working day to compensate, apparently.

Whatever the case, I had the considerable pleasure of a quiet dining room on a Friday evening from which to contemplate a meat heavy menu and a steak counter promising all manner of delights.

As with Vakhtanguri, the menu was only in Russian, but in this case the layout and photos promoted easy understanding.

I started with the spinach and beef soup then followed with a New York cut of horse steak.

As seems to be the way in Almaty the accompanying red wine was served chilled while the sparkly water decidedly chambré.

The soup arrived looking pretty good. I think it’s usually a good test of a steakhouse how well they make their meaty offcut soup. In this case it was very good with the creamy spinach working well as a fresh complement to the meaty chunks buried in the depths.

The main course steak was impressively good. This was a rather better showcase of Kazakh horsemeat than the highly questionable kazy at Basilic. The meat was accurately cooked to medium rare and packed with horsey flavour. The accompanying fries were very good, too, and the raisins in the slaw put me in nostalgic mind of coronation chicken.

So overall, Ziyafet proved a very good choice for traditional meaty treats. Their beef looked excellent so maybe I’ll give that a try when next I’m in these parts. If you’re in a carnivorous mood in Almaty, this looks like the place to go.

Blythe scores Ziyafet
4/5 for food
4/5 for presentation
4/5 for setting
4/5 for service
giving an overall 16/20

I ate: spinach and beef soup, horse Delmonico, fries

I drank: cab sauv, sparkly water, espresso

I wore: action footwear

Total bill: 17545

Address: Zheltoksan Street 172, Almaty 050000

Written by BKR