September 16, 2018 Budapest, pizza No Comments

Pizza Me

With a hectic few days of wandering around Budapest behind me, I eventually needed a night that was slightly more relaxing and chilled.

Accordingly, I took a recommendation to check out a nearby pizza place called Pizza Me, to grab a quick pie and have an evening of catching up with important matters of state.

The place specialises in quick slices on the go with a regular line-up of several pizzas ready for your fast takeaway needs.

I was in the mood for a whole pizza, though, which was a whopping 15″. I chose the quattro formaggi which brought together ricotta, mozzarella, gorgonzola and parmigiano reggiano. This cost precisely 3992 HUF.

Once back at my apartment I tucked in. It proved an extremely good pizza. The base was lovely and crisp while still having a good chew to it. The topping was profoundly cheesy with a really satisfying blend of flavours.

What’s more, the final three slices made a good breakfast the next day which is always a pleasing bonus.

So overall, Pizza Me was another one in the win column for Budapest. This was excellent pizza that I’d be pleased to eat anywhere in the world. Make sure to stop, even if just for a quick slice, when next you’re in town.

Written by BKR