September 6, 2018 Berlin, Chinese 1 Comment

Little Tibet

We’ve been writing about some fairly ritzy places of late so it was good to get back to the core Lunchquest project and go exploring for fun new places to eat in Berlin that were rather more wallet friendly than Restaurant Tim Raue.

It was a considerable pleasure to be joined by James and Jemma on an adventure to Viktoriapark for al fresco Schoffi, then to nearby Little Tibet, a purveyor of fine Tibetan grub.

James and Jemma are living in Berlin as digital nomads. They’ve both been guest questers down the years with Jemma making a memorable trip to attempt the Trashcan Challenge, and them both joining at the Bierhoose where we drank Schoffi, funnily enough.

Little Tibet has grown to be a local favourite for them so I was keen to give it a go.

It was a boiling hot evening so I vigorously sweated throughout dinner which was a joy for all the behold.

The menu held a broad range of dishes with some familiar and others much less so. I settled upon the mixed momo – filled dumplings in the style of gyoza but a little heartier – while James opted for a chicken and rice dish, and Jemma for the crispy duck.

We supped on cooling wines and beers as we awaited the arrival of our food. It was soon with us looking much as expected.

My portion of momos was very generous with two each of spinach, beef and chicken steamed and the same of the same fried, totalling twelve dumplings. It came with a simple salad that was livened up by a fruity mango dresssing.

These made for good eating with well-crafted dumplings with flavourful and distinctive fillings. This was just the hearty feed that I was after.

James and Jemma were warmly appreciative of their dishes, too.

So overall, I really enjoyed our trip to Little Tibet. This is a richly varied part of town that I enjoyed visiting very much. When next you are in Berlin pop down to this neighbourhood and choose from an excellent range of fun places to eat and give Little Tibet a look when you do.

Blythe scores Little Tibet
4/5 for food
3.5/5 for presentation
3/5 for setting
3.5/5 for service
giving an overall 14/20

Today’s questers were: Jemma, James, Blythe

We ate: crispy duck, chicken with rice, mixed momos

We drank: beer, wine

We wore: wasp attracting

Total bill: 34.80€

Address: Gneisenaustrasse 6a 10961 Berlin

Written by BKR