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Gasoline Grill

On my final full day in town, I felt I should go for a bit of a wander around the city and see more of its historic whatnots.

Having fuelled myself with a buffet breakfast at my hotel – the Ascot, which was very good – I got about half way round my tour before I found myself in need of a top-up so appropriately headed to the Gasoline Grill.

Still a working petrol station, where in the UK we might have a Wild Bean Cafe serving Ginsters pasties, here we have the Gasoline Grill, named by one list as in the top 27 best burgers in the world.

It’s a very compact place with an ordering counter where you choose from their selection of four different burgers next to the open grill plate kitchen where things are prepared to order. You collect from a window when your order is ready.

It has built quite a reputation so the line is often lengthy, but I’d timed my visit well so I quickly had my chosen item in hand.

I’d gone for the butterburger which tops a local organic beef patty with a slice on local organic butter in lieu of cheese. Given my usual complaint with burgers is a lack of fat, this sounded like a solution worth trying.

The burger was not much to look at but it proved a deeply satisfying eat. That first, all-important bite was profoundly succulent with joyful fatty goodness. It was clear why it has built such a strong reputation and for 75DKK it is in the realms of a cheap eat.

So overall, it was great to try the butterburger at Gasoline Grill. It’s a place I’d recommend to you when you’re in town as they’re clearly preparing burgers with a good deal of care and attention which shows in the high quality product they serve. I look forward to munching another next time I’m in town.

Written by BKR