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Coffee in Budapest

I didn’t really know what to expect from coffee in Budapest after the lofty quality on offer in Copenhagen and Berlin. Some judicious Googling revealed quite a wealth of choices for me to explore.

Mester Bike + Coffee Project was an excellent place to start. As the name suggests, this was part cafe, part bike shop. Dressed in my usual lycra I fitted right in.

It served a beautifully jammy shot from beans by Awaken roastery, which is based in Tata, Hungary. I was impressed

Next up was Tamp & Pull, an espresso bar just near the Danube. It served a very good shot from a familiar roaster, Hasbean, which are well represented in Edinburgh shops.

I had time for a further shot at the nearby Tenyleg Espresso Bar. Tenyleg is a local Hungarian roastery. Again, this was very good quality stuff that really hit the spot.

The next day I grabbed a quick starter espresso at Fekete, before jumping on a tourist bus to go and look at statues of Lenin in the middle of nowhere.

Fekete was a similar set-up to Father Carpenter’s in Berlin with a courtyard providing most of their seated area. It was every bit as busy, too.

I was pressed for time so was concerned their turnaround wouldn’t be quick enough for me, but I needn’t have worried as they were well staffed to meet the demand.

They have their own beans from which I sampled my usual espresso. It was lively on the palate and continued with strong orangey citrus throughout, rather than resolving particularly. It was a very good morning shot.

After gazing at massive statues for hours, I stopped in at My Little Melbourne’s Brew Bar, which was a splendid wee place.

Mainly showcasing Workshop and Racer Beans coffee, this is an oasis of coffee quality at the heart of one of the more touristy neighbourhoods.

My espresso was delivered to an excellent standard, and the whole place just felt rather lovely.

My only other stop of note was at Budapest Baristas, shortly before I headed to Borkonyha for lunch.

Again this was popular and lively with a well-balanced blend of regular and tourist cutsomers.

Their espresso was by local roasters Casino Mocca. It was a well-rounded shot with good brightness and a warm, creamy finish. I enjoyed it very much.

So overall, Budapest looks to have a number of very good coffee options with a good range of local roasteries showcased in some fantastic shops. These should give you a good starting point when you’re next in town.

Written by BKR