September 12, 2018 Budapest, Burger No Comments

Budapest Langos

I was excited to stumble upon the Karavan street food market when wandering around in the still stifling early evening warmth.

A long narrow strip in between buildings on a street that showcases a range of street food options in more permanent premises, Karavan looked to be extremely popular judging by the squeeze to gain entry and move around.

It proved a little more navigable than it first appeared with stalls and trucks well managed to ensure swift throughput of orders.

I was immediately lured in by mention of a langos burger. I placed my order at the Budapest Langos truck, adding chips and a cola for 2250 HUF.

I’d tried langos at Magna Hungaria in Edinburgh so knew what to expect from the deep fried dough delicacy.

In this case it was two small langos forming the burger bun. A beef patty was then topped with a gooey sheeps cheese, grilled peppers and rocket.

With the bread having been freshly fried, it took a good while to cool down. While this happened I ate the chunky chips which were very good.

Once cooled I bit into the burger and was rewarded with meaty mouthfuls. The langos were pretty dense but worked just about as a viable bun. It was an enjoyable curio.

So overall, I was glad to try an innovative twist on the classic Hungarian street food at Budapest Langos. Karavan is an excellent option for an informal feed in town so give it a look next time you are in these parts.

Written by BKR