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As is often the case, most of my time in the city was spent getting attacked in my bed at 7am by monstrous children hell-bent on making Uncle Blythey dress Mulan in Merida’s costume and other crimes, with lots of home-cooked food at the heart of these family fun times.

As such, there weren’t too many dining out exepriences in places beyond old neighbourhood favourites. However, we did stop for lunch at Istinye Park’s Backhaus for lunch one day, after a little light shopping.

Part bakery, part canteen style restaurant, we took at seat at one of their tables and perused the typically broad menu.

I was joined by regular guest quester Hande along with child demons Ayla and Kerim.

I’m a big fan of manti – Turkey’s rough equivalent of ravioli – so ordered that. I opted for citir which is the fried version, roughly equivalent to pot-stickers rather than steamed gyoza. Hande opted for the chicken salad, while Ayla had a croissant. Kerim is allergic to wheat so he had a cheese toastie made from their gluten-free bread.

Things promptly arrived with the manti looking pretty smart. It proved a satisfying eat with lightly crisp shells and a good meaty filling. The accompanying yoghurt brought good sour freshness. I had a little taste of the cheese tost which was pretty good. The salad and croissant were given the thumbs-up, too.

So overall, Backhaus did a very decent job of addressing our lunchtime hunger with a diverse range of solutions. My manti in particular was very good. Give this place a look next time you’re needing a snack during a shopping trip to Istinye Park.

Blythe scores Backhaus
4/5 for food
3.5/5 for presentation
3/5 for setting
3.5/5 for service
giving an overall 14/20

Today’s questers were: Ayla, Hande, Kerim, Blythe

We ate: cheese tost, croissant, chicken salad, citir manti

We drank: water, OJ

We wore: pink, blue, green, black

Total bill: c.110 YTL

Address: İstinye Mahallesi, İstinye Bayırı Cad. İstinye Park Alışveriş Merkezi No:11 D:B003, 34460 Sarıyer/İstanbul, Turkey

Written by BKR