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Abbey Cottage Tearoom

Mansized Naan and Massive Schnitzel report…

A trip to Sweetheart Abbey near Dumfries didn’t seem likely to be filled with culinary thrills. 

When we walked into the Abbey Cottage Tearoom, a lovely wee place next to the abbey and ordered a humble soup and toastie again expectations weren’t set particularly high.

But what we were served was genuinely excellent.

The soups – tasty as fook lentil and a lightly spiced, cream parsnip – were absolutely excellent. The toastie had delicious, thick Galloway ham and local cheese on it.

It was a shitty raining Saturday so it was great to see the place so busy. There were a good thirty folks there with only two wee tables free.

Tea was plentiful and we also shared a cheeky scone with local jam. The scone was average but the jam good.

The Abbey Cottage Tearoom offers a basic menu but executes it very well. It was a very welcome surprise on a dreich autumn day.

Total bill: £23

Address: 26 Main St, New Abbey, Dumfries DG2 8BY, UK

Written by BKR