The Beat

I remember reviewing a police box with no name that was selling very good coffee a wee while back. Trading on the site previously occupied by the Bollywood Box, I passed the other day a stopped once more to see how it was doing.

It is now called The Beat and feels bedded-in.

It looks to be in the same ownership and is ploughing the same furrow as before. Steampunk coffee is to the fore with organic and vegan homebaking rounding out their offering.

I kept things simple with my regular espresso (£2).

The was a very good shot with an initial brightness resolving to a really creamy finish. I was impressed.

So overall, I was glad to return and find The Beat named and flourshing. Bruntsfield is a competitive place for coffee with the excellent Artisan Roast, Castello and Project Coffee, but The Beat looks to have established itself as another strong option. Stop by next time you’re in the neighbourhood.

Written by BKR