Today marks the first review post from new contributors to Lunchquest, code names Mansized Naan and Massive Schnitzel, and more affectionately known as the Party Sloths.

They give Sonder a look and find a promising place that’s having some hits and misses in its opening weeks of trading.

The Party Sloths’ Verdict

When pals suggested a Sunday dinner out, I thought Sonder might be worth trying because Blythe had ordered us to go there and we were keen to end his whining about it.

Sonder’s menu is divided into sections: snacks, garden, sea and land, with one big sharing dish at the end. These didn’t match to starters and mains exactly, more sharing plates.

The waitress suggested we should order two the three each which seemed a bit odd. We ended up just sticking to two dishes each.

The scallop ceviche with squid ink cracker was really good. It was fresh, zingy and light with the crisp cracker balancing the texture of the raw seafood.

The chicken wings were less good, with chicken moist but the dish lacking punch

The venison bresaola dish was so leafy it could have easily belonged in the garden section not the land. It was OK but didn’t match expectations.

The lamb main was much better. The meat was very supple and well seasoned. It was the best of the main courses.

The beef main came with an absolutely lovely walnut puree. The sauce had an unwelcome acidic edge, though.

Sonder showed enough to suggest it can do well, but there’s work to refine some of the dishes to give them better balance. Decor is smart, if a slightly confusing mix of styles, and the service was attentive. The pricetag is very reasonable so it’s worth a look.

Total bill: £51

Address: 74-78 South Clerk Street, Edinburgh EH8 9PT

Written by BKR