Nose 2 Tail

I was starting to get a sense that food options in Copenhagen were going to be a bit overwhelming so I retrenched my ambitions from my usual “stroll and discover” approach to dining and committed to following recommendations.

In the case of Nose 2 Tail, if I hadn’t had a recommendation I possibly wouldn’t have persisted as when I arrived they were in the midst of a chaotic service where they probably didn’t need me cluttering up an additional demanding corner. But persist I did and was thankfully richly rewarded.

Situated in the meatpacking district, Nose 2 Tail is pretty much as the name suggested with a meaty menu of various delights. I didn’t spot a huge amount of offal on the list but I daresay much of it was applied to good use in the various sauces and accompaninents. They proudly displayed Fergus Henderson’s photo on the wall next to the likes of Keith Floyd.

During the recent spell of great weather, sitting outside on their bench tables seems to have become the preferred choice but I’d had quite enough of the sun so when given the choice opted to sit in their classic steakhouse basement.

I did my best to order all the things they wanted to serve me and even let them pick the wines beyond an opening glass of cremant. This glass of bubbles was topped for free due to slowness of arrival of the first dish. This was a nice touch.

First up was a snack of their house croquettes. These were crisply crumbed and profoundly meaty.

I’d opted for steak tartare to start as raw ingredients seemed likely to arrive faster. This was indeed the case.

With beetroot adding to the usual tartare suspects, this was a very elegant dish. The beef was of excellent quality. It made me happy. This was accompanied by an amazingly satisfying Californian pinot noir from Black Stallion.

The main course ribeye soon arrived with their house pepper sauce on the side and some good chips. The pepper sauce was a deep brown like treacle and packed with flavour. It was memorably good.

The steak was also to a really impressive standard with a high quality ingredient prepared to best advantage. It was splendid.

I rounded things out in the house fashion with a shot of Fernet Branca. I added a pretty good espresso, too.

So overall, Nose 2 Tail served me a really good meat-based dinner. Service was chaotic but handled well, but I imagine they didn’t please everyone on this particular evening. I’d recommend it when you’re next in these parts and keen to try the best of Copenhagen’s meaty local produce.

Blythe scores Nose 2 Tail
4.5/5 for food
4/5 for presentation
4/5 for service
4/5 for setting
giving an overall 16.5/20

I ate: croquettes, tartare, ribeye, chips

I drank: cremant, red wine, water, fernet

I wore: purple hibiscus

Total bill: 795 DKK

Address: Flæsketorvet 13, 1711 København, Denmark

Written by BKR