The Sandwich Club

Lothian Road is a fascinating street in terms of food and drink businesses. The success of the Hanging Bat has led to The Beer Kitchen and BrewDog opening craft beer bars in the same stretch making it a fun street for good beer.


Set against this established success, the turnover of sandwich bars and lunch places for the local offices is high, with a real lack of imagination often prevalent.

Into that mix comes The Sandwich Club which takes over from Taco Mazama which in turn followed a fairly forgettable sandwich bar recently before it.

At its core are hot sandwiches from bagels to toasties, with various other supporting whatnots.

Grilled cheese

I visited in their second week of trading and found them full of a good mix of curious passers-by and folks on a second or third visit.

I was pretty clear that I was aiming to try one of their toasties, but was tempted to give their coronation chicken bagel a go. But I refocused and chose their classic grilled cheese which brought together mature cheddar, comte and onion jam.

This was promptly delivered despite the friendly counter man profusely apologising for the delay. They were stressing a little about how to cope with the lunchtime rush.

The grilled cheese was a really good rendition with a good cheese mix balanced by some enjoyable sweetness from the onion. The bread was of good quality and was toasted to a pleasing crunch. I enjoyed it very much.

So pverall, The Sandwich Club looks likely to connect with the nearby office lunchtime crowd as they’re serving good sandwiches delivered with friendly charm. I’d recommend it to you next time you fancy a hot sandwich in these parts. I’ll be back for that coronation bagel, soon.

Blythe scores The Sandwich Club
4/5 for food
3.5/5 for presentation
4/5 for service
3.5/5 for setting
giving an overall 15/20

I ate: classic grilled cheese

I drank: water

I wore: dusty damn’son trousers

Total bill: £4

Address: 57 Lothian Road, Edinburgh EH1 2DJ

Written by BKR